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Skills for teachers and schools

Studies show that teachers can easily burn out within their first 4 years of teaching. The pressures of teaching a dense curriculum to a large group of young people, in a limited amount of time, can be very demanding. This is especially the case when one or more students' issues interfere with the progression of the class. The good news is that educators can discover a number of ways of handling students' struggle to solve the problems early on as opposed to allowing them to escalate.

Consulting services

SKIPS staff is available to consult with teachers and principals who can feel at a loss with a specific student or classroom dynamic. In the busy setting of schools, even a quick conversation can sometimes relieve some concerns and generate new ideas.

Trainings for educators

SKIPS offers a variety of staff development seminars which can empower teachers to better deal with students, and classroom issues, as well as with personal stress.

These programs include but are not limited to:

  • Handling excess energy in the classroom
  • Mindfulness & stress reduction for teachers
  • How to teach mindfulness so kids who most need it, actually learn it
  • Addressing children's social and emotional issues using the latest in brain research

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