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Skills for parents

Parent education can make an enormous difference in a community. If parents have more constructive ways of responding to children's mistakes, experimenting and struggles, children come to school with less baggage on their mind and a greater readiness to learn. The presentations in this section allow parents to better understand children's developmental milestone and respond to day to day life with greater awareness, kindness, and firmness.

Parent education programs include but are not limited to:

  • Loving children when they most need you
  • The skill-ionaire in every child
  • Video-games: pros and cons
  • Sorting through forgiveness, consequences, and punishments

Counseling Services for Parents

Our staff is available to meet with parents to hear their perspective on difficulties encountered by their child at school, get a richer description of their children’s talents, and develop a collaborative approach. Parents appreciate the opportunity to explore ways of supporting their children’s success at school.

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