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Endorsements for SKIPS

"Interns are a valuable asset in our school setting. They provide a completely strength-based approach when working with students who are facing emotional challenges. They focus on helping students identify their inner resources, and building skills around those strengths. Students report feeling like they are able to make concrete changes in their lives as a result of the skills they build and practice with the interns."

Leila Lurie, MA, LMFT
Student Advocate

"This counseling service allows the kids to have a safe place to process and discuss their challenges. Once a student is seen, the frequency of his or her visits to the principal's office reduces substantially."

Virginia Penders, Principal of Vinci Park, San Jose, CA

"The trainings that Marie-Nathalie led for our parents and teachers were invaluable. She explained the most current developments in neuroscience, education and psychology, and proposed compelling strategies to enhance students' social and emotional skills. Because of these up-to-date trainings, we as a community are able to apply these new skills and knowledge to support children learning in a way that is less fraught with conflicts or problems."

Lori King
Former Discovery 2 Principal

"I have had the pleasure of attending two of Marie-Nathalie presentations and was extremely impressed by both. The complex information was presented in an engaging, interactive method that the audience found both informative and entertaining. Having participated in the first presentation, I was impressed enough that my wife and I chose to spend one of our rare, treasured, date nights attending a second presentation."

Brett McLarney
President, Washington Open Parent Faculty Group

"The children really enjoyed the Brain Powers project because they felt empowered. They realized that they could choose to shrink problems. They became so sophisticated that they could better control what was happening in their interactions with others. Children also like to keep track of what everyone is doing so the secret success spies was really helpful in redirecting that in a positive way."

Sherry Ernst
4th grade teacher
Washington Open Elementary

"This Choice Brain project really helped my students. Kids realized that their classmates have the same emotions they do- they just each may handle those emotions differently. They seem to be thinking more before reacting. Instead of reacting right away when getting upset or angry, kids did try to use their “Choice Brain” more. Others would point out "He used his Lion Brain," when noticing a classmate get upset about something someone else did. I have used the terms with them in order to help them understand how to react to each other. I think this was a good metaphor for them to be able to realize they have control over how they act toward others, even when they are very angry. The kids also really liked that a stuffed animal was involved. It made it more fun for them - especially when he was snoring!"

Kathy Ewers
1st grade teacher
Country Lane Elementary