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"If an image is worth a 1,000 words,
an experience is worth a 1,000 lessons"TM


Combining knowledge from clinical psychology, developmental research, brain science, and narrative therapy, SKIPS offers experiential and life transforming services that bring the best out of every member of a school community, students and adults.

SKIPS' counseling services provide a forum for children and adults to experience meaningful conversations on social and emotional issues, with a trained and culturally sensitive therapist. These collaborative conversations provide opportunities to gain perspective and self-awareness, and find better ways of responding to situations. In school settings, this compassionate and skill focused approach allows our staff to connect with children who struggle, including those with whom nothing else has worked. With teachers and parents, this means helping them think outside the box, and find new ways of being in relationships with children that may be more effective and congruent with their values.

SKIPS' groups, classroom projects, and psycho-educational services, invite larger groups of people into a stimulating process of discovering skills that are helpful on a day to day basis. Using thought-provoking and enjoyable activities, our programs deeply support the development of people's abilities to respond to life events with a calm, empathic, kind and constructive attitude. More specifically, the transformative, positive and uniquely personal nature of these experiences, render problem solving skills more easily usable in real life situations.

Skill boosting programs are available for students, teachers, and parents.

This brief video introduces our approach and related books